What has happened?!

Well, I have had an awesome time in Senegal, let me tell you...

The hotel was so pretty, and everyone was so nice... But I wasn't there for vacation, no I was working. Well, it actually turned out to be a ton of fun - especially because there wasn't a lot of work to do. So I was hanging out at the reception during the mean time, relaxing, giving PC crash-courses or fooling around with the receptionist or Mr. or Mme. "TUI". It was fun.

The evenings I usually spent at the hotel, together with all the FRENCH guests and the hostesses/ entertainers. Yes, you read right: FRENCH!!! It was a french club and so everyone was either speaking French or Wolof, which is an African slang. All I know is that "wau wau" means "yes yes" and that the answer to "nanjadef" is "manjeferek"... At first it was hard to understand and also to talk French, but with the time going on I got into it again. Hardly anyone there understands English, not talking of German. Well, anyway, I had a great time, they were all really open minded. We usually watched the shows, danced or were just talking... They even had a disco there, but there weren't too many people, let's say about 60 whenever I arrived and 17 when I left.

Since I was working "only" 6 days the week, I also had the chance to get some color. ;-) Only once I had the chance to leave the hotel, together with some French people. At first we went to a reserve of animals and afterwards we drove all the way to a pink lake... It was amazing to see how poor some of them live. Having electricity is defenitely not usual.